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Coltin goes to Westminister!!!

A Special Thank you to Annette Sullivan my cousin and Coltin's Handler. Annette paid for Coltin's Adventures to Westminster in New York with her own money. She took her own vacation time, money and energy to do it all. She loves and spoils Coltin as her own. I can't thank her enough for all she's done for deepest appreciation and gratitude...and to her daughter Alyssa who loves, cuddles and torments him. Annette & Alyssa have made him the special and wonderful dog he is. 
Thank You!

Coltin and his friend Joey were on the Front Page of 
the Daily Olympian Newspaper on February 11, 2006.
Click on photo for complete article.
The start of the New York Journey.. Coltin's in the Red Bag 
on the right on top. Alyssa is modeling the luggage!
Coltin having his morning coffee at Starbucks with his friend Ed!
Inside Westminster Coltin's Friend Alyssa " Benched"
Coltin thinking "this white stuff is taller than me!" 
A record breaking 27" of snow in NY for Westminster.
Times Square
Packed and Ready for home! Alyssa and Coltin on the plane..
Happy Valentines Day From Coltin XXX OOOO XXX OO



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