Stealer was one of 65 dogs rescued out of a puppy mill. He was one of the
lucky ones as he was just a baby and didn't have to grow up in this horrific

Stealer gave back to the community by being a Certified Delta Therapy Dog
and did his service at Providence St. Peter Hospital in the Psych and Rehab
units. He had his CGC title and 2 legs on his CD.

Stealer had a zest for life like no dog I've ever met or seen.

His favorite things in life were yogurt, Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream, M & M's
and Skittle's and his other mom Annette.

He'll be remembered for his non stop licking with the LONGEST Tongue, timed
at 5 minutes if he really loved you!!

He was too smart for his own good at times. He knew when he needed his meds
and would come and sit in front of me and speak 'til I got up and gave them
to him in his favorite squeeze cheese! He would always step on the side of
the food bowls so they'd flip up so he could clean the bottom of them.

Once when he was little I had left a box of dark chocolate cherry cordials
on the end table. I went to dinner and when I came back the box was on the
floor. The cover ripped open and the whole top layer was gone!! There were
100 chocolate cherry "lakes" all over my floor from one sick little dog and
one empty water dish!

There will never be another Stealer he touched my life like none other.
I'll treasure the memory's 'til the day I die and get to see him again.



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