Rise N Shine’s Parti Music 1/3/97 to 1/14/2011
Call name Harmony aka Harm... Harm’s dad was Ch. The Might Polka Dot Spot (who wasn't a Ch. at that time she was born) and her mom was Ruloch's Alice N Partiland. I "created" Harmony and she's been a part of me for 14 years longer than husband, boyfriends and houses... she was truly a part of me ... she was extraordinarily special because she also had only one kidney.. she was born with a birth defect that prevented the tube from the kidney to the bladder to connect so she leaked urine which really wasn't noticeable til she was 10 weeks and her mom wasn't cleaning her so much ... she had to have that kidney removed because the dripping of urine caused her major health problems.

Harmony is the foundation of my "color" line and I have 10 generations of lineage for her to continue to live through... Sweet blessings Harm...









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